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Friends and Neighbors,
My name is Fayrouz Bazzi. I am asking for your support to serve as a member of our Dearborn City Council.
With your help I look to enhance the business and economic environment, improve safety services and beautification projects, increase the educational and training support for our children, and improve the overall quality of life for our city’s residents.
I am not a professional politician. As a mother of two boys, a healthcare professional, a business-woman and a homeowner, I am reflective of many individuals who have not necessarily had representation in government. Dearborn needs someone who can bring transparency and allow all the voices of our community to be represented.
From the point of initially exploring running for city council with community residents and leaders, I have been inspired by pledges of funding, volunteering, votes and endorsements. As I continue to hear from you and listen to your concerns, I will present comprehensive solutions to the issues that affect all of our residents.
My promise to you is to represent all of Dearborn to the best of my ability as we work towards building our future together.  We have had some challenges. Yet I believe the future of Dearborn is bright as we emphasize smart growth, control regulation, keep taxes low, and provide effective and efficient services.
With the right leadership Dearborn will continue to be the premier suburb in Wayne County.  Our city will be more than ever, a place that residents and businesses take pride in, and that others from outside of our city aspire to live and work in.  This city and its residents have a great future ahead of us. 
Please consider donating to and volunteering with our campaign.


Sunday, July 30, 2017 9:55 PM

Fayrouz Bazzi Receives Endorsement, Support from DFC, Municipal Officials Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Fayrouz Bazzi Receives Endorsement From Pro Growth Democratic Freedom Caucus

July 30, 2017

Independently reviewing Fayrouz Bazzi campaign's platform for Dearborn City Council, the Democratic Freedom Caucus, consisting of several hundred state and local party members states:

"Fayrouz Bazzi's platform includes the kind of practical tax reform the DFC advocates and the Michigan Municipal League has endorsed. Fayrouz Bazzi also advocates the sort of effective, humane alternatives to dealing with the drug problem- her innovative view on that issue is also compatible with DFC policy."

Mike O'Mara, St. Louis (PA.), the Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative personally contacted Fayrouz Bazzi to tell her of the DFC's support. The Caucus supports personal and economic liberty, limited and efficient government and social responsibility.

The Caucus promotes reforms that generally favor smaller government, yet the DFC notes that economic freedom requires such valid government functions as protecting workers and consumers from abuses such as fraud and pollution.

The Caucus is pro-Growth, pro-Small Business, and opposes bureaucracy that kills small or any business. They are not partial to either small business or large businesses. They are for a level playing field. Its views have been described as "Freedom Democrat", and has received attention from the national press.

While the campaign has not solicited nor announced current and upcoming endorsements, this is a prime example of how Ms. Bazzi's campaign is receiving local and national attention for an innovative, coherent and comprehensive platform from observers of all political affiliations.

For questions regarding the endorsement, contact:

Thursday, March 9, 2017 2:08 AM

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Field of election candidates widens in Dearborn
By Andrea Blum @AndreaBlum1 on Twitter 
Mar 24, 2017


New candidates rounding out the list of current council candidates are residents Rifaat Hacham, Ramez Haidar, Nada Al-Hanooti, Erin Byrnes, Patrick Melton, Fayrouz Bazzi and Sharon Dulmage.

As of press time, four candidates had announced plans to run for the city clerk’s position.

Former state Rep. George Darany (D-15th District) is seeking the post, along with Nofila Haidar, president of the Dearborn PTA Council Executive Board, and residents John Schimizzi and Fatmeh Saad.

A lifelong Dearborn resident active in civic organizations, Darany touts his background and experience as qualifications for the clerk position.

”I’ve been dedicated to serving Dearborn my entire life, and will bring that dedication and experience to the office of city clerk,” Darany said.

The clerk position has been vacant, with duties filled by the deputy serving as acting clerk, since longtime Clerk Kathleen Buda retired last year after embezzlement charges surfaced.

Committee to Elect Fayrouz Bazzi
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